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11:35am-12:20pm EDT (8:35am PDT\, 5:35pm CET\, 11:3 5pm Singapore\, 2:35am Melbourne (Tuesday))

Location: \; https://www.wonde

Poster 1: \ ;Jason Davis< /strong> \;(University of Pennsylvania). Firms\, Dynamics\, and Stumbl ing Blocks in Trade.
Poster 2: \;Leopoldo Avell án (Inter-American Development Bank)\, Arturo Galindo (Banco de la República)\, \;Giulia Lotti \;(Inter-American Development Bank). Sovereign External Borrow ing and Multilateral Lending in Crises.
Poster 3: \;Sara Norrevik \;(University at Buffalo). Foreign Economic Polic y in the European Parliament. The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment.< br>Poster 4: Mitali Pradhan \;(Fordham University). Impact of Losing Preferential Status: Evidence from the EU’s Generalized System of Preferences Reform