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11:35am-12:20pm EST (8:35am PST\, 5:35pm CE T\, 12:35am Singapore (Tuesday)\, 3:35am Melbourne (Tuesday))
Location: \;
Poster 1: Si ria Angino (European Central Bank)\,  \;Federico Maria Fer rara \;(LSE)\, Stefania Secola (European Central Bank). The Cultural Origins of Institutional Trust: T he Case of the ECB.
Poster 2: \;Lee Crawfurd& nbsp\;(Center for Global Development). Recipient Views on International Ai d: Evidence from Survey Experiments with Government Officials.
< span style='font-size:10.0pt\;font-family:"Arial"\,sans-serif\;color:#1111 11\;background:white'>Poster 3: \;Benjamin Daßler \;(LMU Munich)\,&nb sp\;Tim Heinkelmann-Wild \;(LMU Munich).
International A uthority\, Democracies\, and Exit from International Organizations.
Pos ter 4: Cleo O’Brien-Udry (Yale University)\,&n bsp\;Lauren Ferry \;(University of Mississippi). Turning the Tables? Aid\, Status and Stability in the International System.