PEIO Seminar

The Political Economy of International Organization

Monday, 11am EST, January 25-March 29, 2021

The seminar will bring together economists and political scientists to address political economy issues related to international organizations such as the World Trade Organization, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Union, and others. We also consider submissions on topics more broadly related to international organization, such as foreign aid, international agreements, and international law.

To facilitate the small, in-depth conversations we have at in-person meetings, as in regular PEIO conferences we have added a small “poster session” to the weekly presentations. This will give a larger number of presenters the chance to discuss their research with two discussants. In order to get the best feedback for presenters, we encourage you to make suggestions for potential discussants whom we will approach to serve as discussants. In addition to this, regular PEIO attendees will have a chance to hear your presentation and give feedback. Rather than preparing a poster, presenters can use one or two slides to illustrate their key ideas, methods, or results.

We will also encourage informal discussions among (small groups of) participants in an informal coffee-break-atmosphere.

Venue: Online

2021 Program Committee:

Thomas Bernauer (ETH Zurich)Renee Bowen (UC-San Diego)Lawrence Broz (UC-San Diego)
Mark Copelovitch (Wisconsin)Christina Davis (Harvard)Axel Dreher (Heidelberg)
Simon Hug (Geneva)Emily Jones (Oxford)Christopher Kilby (Villanova)
Soo Yeon Kim (Singapore)Katharina Michaelowa (Zurich)Karolina Milewicz (Oxford)
Helen Milner (Princeton)Daniel Nielson (Brigham Young)B. Peter Rosendorff (NYU)
Christina Schneider (UC-San Diego)Duncan Snidal (Oxford)Randall Stone (Rochester)
Michael J. Tierney (William & Mary)Jennifer Tobin (Georgetown)Eric Werker (Simon Fraser)

Call for Papers